Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BEAUBBIEN, Harriet Ann  04 Jul 1840Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada I2307
2 BRAY, Ellen  1866Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada I3320
3 BROWN, Margaret  Oct 1849Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada I3369
4 BROWN, Mary Louise  1879Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada I3328
5 FLANAGAN, Violet  14 Oct 1910Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada I5236
6 GLENN, Sara Jane  14 Oct 1904Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada I5195
7 HOWARD, Sarah MacKenzie  23 Jan 1845Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada I2265
8 MCGINN, Laura Hazel   I5047
9 WEMP, Alansing Hugh   I5197
10 WEMP, Andrew Allen  18 Apr 1854Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada I2284
11 WEMP, Andrew Ernest Van Dyke  10 Oct 1831Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada I1944
12 WEMP, Barnabas  14 Apr 1826Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada I1942
13 WEMP, Benjamin  28 Mar 1872Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada I2266
14 WEMP, Bernard Alwyn  04 Oct 1924Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada I5011
15 WEMP, Brenda Pauline   I5187
16 WEMP, Catherine   I5243
17 WEMP, Cedric Cleon   I5191
18 WEMP, Charles Henry  24 Apr 1919Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada I3257
19 WEMP, David Russell  06 Jun 1903Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada I3323
20 WEMP, Duncan  12 May 1895Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada I3311
21 WEMP, Elizabeth Gertrude  03 Apr 1881Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada I2270
22 WEMP, Ellen Christena   I5196
23 WEMP, Ernest  17 Jul 1893Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada I3246
24 WEMP, Frederick John   I5050
25 WEMP, George  18 Aug 1855Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada I2293
26 WEMP, George Daniel  22 Nov 1926Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada I3260
27 WEMP, George Edward  25 Jan 1864Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada I2241
28 WEMP, Grace Catherine   I5200
29 WEMP, Leigh Herbert  13 May 1938Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada I5186
30 WEMP, Leslie James   I5052
31 WEMP, Leslie John  05 Jun 1915Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada I3255
32 WEMP, Margaret  Sep 1857Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada I2238
33 WEMP, Margaret Jane  05 Oct 1929Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada I5199
34 WEMP, Nina Rose   I5202
35 WEMP, Norman  07 Jun 1873Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada I2267
36 WEMP, Norman Edward  02 Nov 1905Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada I3324
37 WEMP, Peter Wallace   I5242
38 WEMP, Royal Edward  09 Sep 1877Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada I2269
39 WEMP, Thomas Wallace  13 Dec 1901Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada I3312
40 WEMP, Walter  26 Jan 1865Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada I2253
41 WEMP, William Duane   I5189
42 WEMP, William George  10 Oct 1856Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada I2285
43 WEMP, William Henry Bray  02 Jan 1899Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada I3321
44 WEMP, William Wallace   I3330


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 GLENN, Alexander  22 Jun 1886Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada I3237
2 HOWARD, Sarah MacKenzie  16 Feb 1917Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada I2265
3 SCOTT, James  Feb 1862Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada I1931
4 WEMP, David Russell  28 May 1982Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada I3323
5 WEMP, George Edward  02 May 1935Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada I2241
6 WEMP, John Dusenbury  Jul 1926Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada I1927
7 WEMP, Norman  21 Jun 1949Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada I2267
8 WEMP, Norman Edward  21 Mar 1969Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada I3324
9 WEMP, Royal Edward  26 Jun 1956Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada I2269
10 WEMP, Walter  03 Jan 1936Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada I2253


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 FILSON, Melville  03 Jan 2003Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada I5219


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 MILLER / WARD   F4347
2 WEMP / BRAY  28 Mar 1898Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada F918
3 WEMP / EVES   F1615
4 WEMP / HOWARD  06 Mar 1871Amherst Island, Ontario, Canada F619
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